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We work with Veterans and active military personnel every day, and we want you to succeed more than anything. We designed CollegeRecon to provide you with a FREE SERVICE for searching, comparing, and interacting with not-for-profit colleges and universities who are actually interested in you, your skills, and your well-being. We want you to succeed. We want to help get you there no matter what it takes.


Our search algorithm gives you thousands of detailed results. We take hundreds-of-thousands of metrics and thousands of schools to drive your search results.


With so many factors from so many different educational institutions, you can compare anything from location and price, to veteran programs and unique benefits.


The goal of CollegeRecon is to provide a platform that allows you to not only search for schools, but also connect with decision makers at those institutions to forge relationships and and act on more informed decisions.

Community. For You.

Create a profile to showcase your skills, experiences, and interests to over 3,000 colleges and universities. Begin communicating with college admissions counselors with the click of a button today.

And yes, it’s Free. Forever.

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Why Choose Us?

Talk Directly

When you reach out to a university, you get to talk directly with their Vet Rep.

Tons of Information

We have thousands of schools and each has a unique profile on CollegeRecon that details everything you as a prospective-student might want to know

Network Constantly

With such a large group of universities and veterans, you can constantly network, ask questions - and more importantly - get answers.

Veteran Community

We are building a community of college-bound and college-attending Veterans, active military, and military family members.



Most importantly, your contact information is never shared with a school and your profile information is only shared with schools YOU choose to sent to. Your information is safe with us.


"Anyone looking to go to college while serving or post-service should check out CollegeRecon. It makes everything really simple and provides you with a list of schools that actually fits your needs -- not just a list of schools that work with them like some other sites I have used. The best part of CollegeRecon is it is free and does not work with for-profit schools."

CollegeRecon Aric Daniels Testimonial

Aric Daniels

Air Force SSGT

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